Cold Fusion: Here's the Greek company building 1 MW

2011-02-07 10:02  

The Greek company that will build a heating plant of one megawatt with the Italian 'energy catalyzer' spoke about its activities and about the invention on Greek television this weekend.

(Swedish version here).

The Greek company is called Defkalion Green Technologies. According to Andrea Rossi – the inventor of the 'energy catalyzer' possibly based on cold fusion – it is a newly formed consortium. Partners include companies involved in energy distribution.

On Saturday, the news about Defkalion Green Technologies was broadcasted by NET, national television in Greece (this recording of the show, now in high quality, has been uploaded by the blogger where there's also a summary in English).

Last week, Ny Teknik made an interview with a representative of the company.

"We represent a group with financial and industrial background having invested into Dr. Rossi's technology, and having obtained the exclusive rights to manufacture, license and distribute globally," Symeon Tsalikoglou, spokesman for Defkalion Green Technologies, wrote in an email to Ny Teknik.

He also made clear that Defkalion will not sell or distribute energy.

"Defkalion, as previously stated, will provide the market with devices producing heat, based on Dr. Rossi’s invention. This heat can be utilized by CHP or micro CHP installations to produce electricity and consumable heat for different applications."

"We are neither power plant nor a utility company of any kind. As such, the one megawatt installation in Greece referred to by Dr Rossi, will consist of a combination of 3rd party technologies (such as CHP), whereby the Defkalion Energy Catalyzer will be used as the only source of power. This very installation of one megawatt in Greece will only cover the energy needs of Defkalion’s factory," Symeon Tsalikoglou wrote.

Ny Teknik: How do you expect this new energy technology to develop in the future?

"This technology will not change the world energy usage over night. Essentially we are introducing a new and impressive energy source that offers cheap, clean and renewable power to the end user. We are pursuing socially responsible pricing and market penetration. We are also taking into consideration the global energy trends and fitting well within the expected gradual energy transition," Symeon Tsalikoglou wrote.

(If the 'energy catalyzer' is based on nuclear reaction between nickel and hydrogen it should not be considered as renewable. Ny Tekniks's note).

According to Andrea Rossi Defkalion will have the exclusive commercial rights to the 'energy catalyzer' in Europe Greece, while two U.S. companies will have the corresponding rights in the United States. In the rest of the world, the question of rights is still open Defkalion has the commercial rights, but non exclusively.

"They focus on the commercial part and I on the technical development," Andrea Rossi explained.

He also made clear that his company Leonardo Corporation does not seek funding at the moment.

"We are fully funded by our customers," he said.

Nor does Defkalion Green Technologies seem to seek funding.

Defkalion Green Technologies states that it will hold a press confoerence within two months where further questions will be answered.

The reason why the European operations came to end up in Greece depends, according to Professor Sergio Focardi (Rossi's scientific adviser since four years) on contacts with Professor Christos Stremmenos who previously collaborated with Professor Focardi.

"The bond between us and Greece is a professor of Greek origin whose name is Christos Stremmenos and who has been Ambassador of Greece in Italy. He knows people in the Greek government and has also worked in this field. We have known each other for years, and when he heard about these things, he involved Greece," Sergio Focardi told Ny Teknik.

In the news bulletin on Greek television on Saturday Christos Stremmenos appeared.

"We are headed away from energy medieval ages. So it seems. It will depend on further research and the study of applications so that all levels where green energy is needed can be covered," Christos Stremmenos said, according to a summary on the blog

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