Tänk om jag fattat att teknik var för mig

Mariah Strengnell Foto: Mariah Strengnell
Mariah Strengnell Foto: Mariah Strengnell

#GETblog. Imagine if I, as a 15-16 year old girl, had thought, "wow, tech is for me"!


On Saturday morning, I (Alice) woke up and looked at Facebook, and saw this amazing post by Mariah Strengnell. I immediately thought, “this needs to go on the blog!” This post expresses perfectly what many women in and around tech have expressed to us in private conversations. It’s also something that I myself feel at times. My brother’s an engineer. At what point did that cease to be an option for me? Just like Mariah, I thought engineering meant I had to be amazing at math, which I didn’t feel I was. (Later on, I earned top marks in economics and statistics, so that belief that I held about myself was clearly wrong). We’ve recently written about the myth that “there are no women in tech” - which is a really big falsehood that the facts simply do not support. Mariah explains here the complexities behind the question “where are the women in tech” - and shares her personal experiences with tech.

By Mariah Strengnell:

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