30 hp Test Carrier - Car to Truck Crash Testing

Scania is now undergoing a transformation from being a supplier of trucks, buses and engines to a supplier of complete and sustainable transport solutions.

Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.


A common type of severe traffic accident is a head-on collision between a truck and a passenger car. In these case it is important that the truck's front underrun protection does not collapse to keep protecting the passenger car and the essentials functions of the truck.

To verify the front underrun protection, today a full-scale test is done with a passenger car and a truck.


We would like to develop a method where we only test the relevant parts without the need for complete vehicles. This would make the test both cheaper and faster.


Study the current methods at Scania and TRATON.

Develop a method for rig test.

Design the test rig

Verify the test rig with simulation. The result must be consistent with the results for full scale test


Master of Science in Mechanical engineering. Knowledge of CATIA, ANSA and LS-Dyna is a plus.

Number of students: 1-2

Start date: January 2019

Estimated time needed: 20 weeks

Contact persons and supervisors:

Johanna Åstrand, test engineer, 08-553 826 84, johanna.astrand@scania.com.


Enclose CV, personal letter and school-leaving certificate.

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