30 hp – Sustainable design of heavy-duty vehicles

Scania Engineer Program, SEP

Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.


The impact of road transport on the CO2 emission is large. To ensure that the negative impact of our vehicles throughout the entire lifecycle Scania is minimized, we have been focused on the usage phase where the largest impact on the environment occur, but currently also on how the vehicles are designed and produced. The reduction of negative environmental impacts other than CO2 emissions is heavily influenced by early choices made in the design phase, e.g. material choices. Therefore, the area of sustainability needs to become an integrated part of the design process to deliver on the Scania’s ambition in producing sustainable products.


The outcome shall be a thesis that incorporate methods in sustainable product development and propose further improvement of our methodology. The technical report that finalise the thesis has the aim to spread the result to the other companies in the Traton.


The objective of the thesis is to analyze the environmental impact of our products and services. The student will perform case studies on key design areas to determine the performance of available tools and methods. The work includes a feasibility study of an existing Volkswagen Group software for designers based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology. The tool is evaluated in terms of its functionality, how it can be adapted and implemented in our design process. Other methodologies are studied based on a literature review. Some of the ideas will be implemented in the second part of the work leading to a proposed method for sustainable product development that can be integrated with Scania’s existing processes.


M.Sc.Student in:   

Industrial Engineering and Management 


Engineering SciencesGood knowledge of:        Product development

Number of students:   1-2

Start of work:                  October 2019

Estimated duration:         20 weeks, full time 40 hours per week.

Language of work:          Good knowledge in English is required

Contact persons and supervisors:

Erik Nellström,           Tel. 08 553 534 60; Klas Levin,            Tel. 08 553 508 15


Please enclose personal letter, CV and a list of grades from the university.

Deadline for applications is 2019-09-06.The feedback on the applications will be given before 2019-09-20.

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