30 hp – Eco-roll for electric long haul trucks

Scania is one of the leading European manufacturers of heavy‑duty vehicles (HDV), with global sales of 88'000 trucks, 8'480 buses and 12'810 engines in 2018. When it comes to energy consumption (EC) and global warming, we actively contribute to the necessary reduction of EC and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

The assessment of future saving potentials, where only concepts or prototypes of the components exist, is done by simulation.


The upcoming electrification of HDV powertrains in the 2020ies means, that one main assembly group of HDV will be completely redesigned.

This creates the demand for the accompanying adoption of the powertrain control strategies, where Eco-roll is part of. This feature automatically balances kinetic and potential energy during driving on wavy motorways, and offers for conventional diesel powertrains a reduction of fuel consumption from ca. 2 to 6 %.

For electric long haul trucks the possible reduction from Eco-roll needs to be investigated by simulation. One research question is how Eco-roll and regenerative braking interfere which each other, because they utilise the same energies.


The outcome shall be an English thesis on the saving potential from Eco-roll for electric long haul trucks, which can be published by the University. It shall also serve as technical report for Traton, thus the companies Scania, MAN, VW Caminhões and VW Nutzfahrzeuge.


  • Extend and use the model of an electric long haul truck.
  • Simulate combinations of vehicle mass, drive cycle and powertrain configuration.
  • Check the simulation results for plausibility.
  • Assess the saving potential from eco-roll
  • Education

    Engineering, focus on:  Vehicles, mechanics, energy, technical physics

    Good knowledge of:     Automotive powertrains, simulation (e. g. Simulink)

    Number of students:     1

    Start of work:                October 2019

    Estimated duration:      20 weeks, full time 40 hours per week.

    Language of work:        English

    Contact persons and supervisors

    Antonius Kies, Tel. 0046 8 553 724 24

    Anders Jensen, Tel. 0046 8 553 859 13


    Please enclose personal letter, CV and a list of grades from the university.

    Deadline for applications is Fri 2019-08-16.

    During the summer 2019 Scania is closed from week 29 to 32.

    The feedback on the applications will be given in week 34, until Fri 2019-08-23.

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