30 HP – Alternative joining strategies and technologies


Scania is a leading player in the automotive industry. At the production facility in Södertälje, our trucks are manufactured with great care to deliver premium products to our customers.

Today, production is heavily dependent on mechanical joints, e.g. screws. From a production point of view, a reduction in the number of mechanical joint is desirable to reduce cost and assembly time. For the end customer, fewer weight adding joints, thus a lighter truck will reduce fuel consumption and adds load capacity.

However, we yet don’t know to what degree such reductions are possible. Parts, components and materials needs further investigation to identify alternative and suitable joining technologies


  • Investigate alternative joining technologies including bleeding edge
  • Identify existing joints suitable for replacement or elimination and suggest appropriate joining methods.
  • Identify technology requisites & equipment needs
  • Present expected weight & assembly time savings.
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Mission statement

    Investigated the degree of possible improvements that can be implemented in current production setup. As well as provide suggestion of joints and bonding improvement linked to conducted investigations and their benefits. Percent equipment need for suitable technologies.


    The investigation shall include onsite work and investigations performed at our production plant in Södertälje.


    Education: Bachelor- or Master- of Science in Production-, Materials-, Mechanical-


    Number of students: 2 persons.

    Estimated extent: 20 weeks

    Start date: Earliest VT 2019

    Contact persons and supervisors

    Contact person Carl Lindquist, Group manager, Phone 08-553xxxxx

    Supervisor Gustav Schmidt, Welding engineer, Phone 08-55352801


    The work is carried out at the department of Advanced Engineering at our Transmission Assembly workshop in Södertälje. Scania provides office space and computer.


    Your application must contain CV, personal letter and grade copies. During this recruitment process, we will handle the applications on a continuous basis. The positions may be added before the closing date.

    Deadline for application 31st december 2018.

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