30 credits - Modern BI within a mature organization

Scania is currently undergoing an exciting transformation from a traditional truck manufacturer to a provider of complete sustainable transport solutions. IT is a crucial part of this transformation as Scania’s success is depending on flexible and efficient IT solutions that support current and future business requirements.

Scania has a long tradition of excellence in several areas within vehicle development and manufacturing. Over the years the company have made good use of IT in all its processes and functions, including Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing (BI/DW). Today Scania is in the middle of a company-wide digital transformation, with heavy focus on IT and advanced analytics. New BI/DW tools rapidly supplement old ones, adding new functions and ways of working to the end users. As a result Scania have several different BI/DW toolsets, ranging from large data warehouses in relational databases to open source Hadoop clusters and cloud based reporting solutions.

This thesis aims to compare and evaluate a number of the different design patterns & technologies in use for full stack BI/DW at Scania today. The student will compare the methods using a mixed set of metrics such as cost, development time, time to market (for a company-internal customer), report performance and user satisfaction. If needed the student may set up test cases using the different available BI tools. The student may also use interviews with developers and end users at Scania as a basis to the thesis.

The resulting thesis should draw conclusions about the challenges that large and traditional companies face given the rapid evolution in analytical technology, as well as provide a starting point to how one can compare different BI/DW technologies from more than just a pure technical standpoint.

Join Scania IT for your master thesis, we have an enormous amount of interesting challenges and opportunities ahead of us! 

Fields: Computer Science, Organizational Theory, Business Intelligence, Economics

Suitable applicants: MSc students with an interest in Computer Science and its business applications.

Duration: One semester or similar duration, 30 credits

Starting date: Not earlier than Q2 2019

Please enclose CV, personal letter and School-leaving certificate.

Please contact Mats Lindskog IXAF, +46 70 9928698, mats.lindskog@scania.com or Rickard Anderberg, +46855383767, rickard.anderberg@scania.com.


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