30 Credits – Digital Twin: Communication Between vehicle and cloud

Scania genomgår nu en transformation från att vara en leverantör av lastbilar, bussar och motorer till en leverantör av kompletta och hållbara transportlösningar.

Scania is now undergoing a transformation from being a supplier of trucks, buses and engines to a supplier of complete and sustainable transport solutions.

At Scania R&D, within the Connectivity unit, we work with the future's sustainable transport system and connected vehicles. Our responsibility is to ensure that data from the vehicles can be used by various connected services to generate as much customer value as possible.


Today’s new Scania vehicles are highly connected and data are sent from vehicle through a message platform where the data is processed and then sent to a customer. In order to fully understand the behavior of a vehicle Scania connected systems are developing a digital twin of the vehicle where all patterns for a vehicle are supposed to be simulated. This thesis project will examine the optimal communication between a vehicle and its digital twin in the cloud. The solution today is with a stream of messages containing all data from the vehicle at every delivery. When more and more data is sent with a higher frequency this approach may not hold and other solutions should be taken into consideration. The solution may be a stream of gigantic messages containing all data at every delivery or it may be one message for each variable or something in between. There may also be reasons for compressing the data structure for sending data with higher frequency. Frame synchronization can be another possibility.


This thesis will consist of several parts each equally important:

  • Theoretical background: What is known from data streaming research, what communication patterns and compression rules exist.
  • Practically reviewing and evaluating existing communication pattern methods, and if necessary tune or construct new methods based on pros and cons of existing ones.
  • What will be the optimal way of handling data into cloud based on AWS.
  • Education

    Master in applied mathematics, communication systems, computer science or equivalent. Prior experience in programming is required, Python is preferred.

    Number of students:


    Start date:

    2019-01 (flexible)

    Estimated time needed:

    20 weeks

    Contact persons:

    Håkan Carlqvist, Connected and Autonomous Systems, hakan.carlqvist@scania.com, 08-553 82 418

    Farshad Naghibi, Connected and Autonomous Systems, farshad.naghibi@scania.com, 08-553 72 291


    Enclose CV, personal letter, and grades


    About the job

    Title: Business area: Research and Development

    Country: Sweden

    City: Södertalje



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