30 credits – Development of Fuel Spray Visualization Test Rig and its Control System

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To further improve the combustion efficiency and lower the emissions from the direct-injected diesel engine, it is necessary to gain more knowledge regarding the nature of the fuel spray. The diesel combustion process is directly controlled by the transient fuel sprays, which in turn are to an extent a result of the fuel flow through the injector. The performance of the injection event is normally evaluated indirectly though observations of its outcome, i.e. combustion efficiency and emissions. This indirect approach has its drawbacks however, since the assumptions made of the injection event cannot be directly verified.


This master thesis aims at resolving this problem by the commissioning of a spray-visualisation facility, which consist of a pressurised, optically accessible pressure vessel, a high speed camera, a diesel injection system and a control system. The job includes control of the components of the rig, design and manufacturing of an injector fixture, and finally operation of the rig and acquisition of high speed videos of the spray. The control system should be based on LabView and suitable NI-hardware modules


The project is divided into three parts.

Literature study

Carry out a literature study where different methods and spray rig-designs are compared and matched toward different research and experimental needs.

Spray rig setup

Integration of the control system with the rig components. Rig setup and design of injector fixture. Operation of respective rig functions.

Acquisition and evaluation of spray images

Operation of rig and sampling of spray videos. Evaluation of spray parameters.


The project is suitable for 2 students. One student should focus on the design of the pressurized vessel, their background could be machine design or similar. The other student should focus on the control system, their background should be mechatronics, embedded systems or similar.

Contact persons and supervisors:

Fredrik Wåhlin,+46 (0) 70 086 58 64, Fredrik.wahlin@scania.com

Andreas Cronhjort, +46 (0) 73 973 62 60,


Enclose CV, personal letter and school-leaving certificate



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