30 credits – Analysis into the success of field quality projects within Transmission

Scania genomgår nu en transformation från att vara en leverantör av lastbilar, bussar och motorer till en leverantör av kompletta och hållbara transportlösningar.

Scania prides itself as being one of the leading truck manufacturers in the world. Scania’s quality is a key building block for this success. Our customers will be driving our trucks and busses in very demanding conditions, meaning that they need to have a safe, reliable and robust vehicle.


The red arrow organization at Scania was introduced to care for our customers and the aftermarket. NTQ is responsible for the quality of the transmission system for our customers. We lead field quality projects (FQ’s) when there is a quality deviation within transmission for Scania vehicles. Complex FQ’s should be solved within a 200 day period and include root cause analysis, redesign, verification and implementation.


The aim of this thesis is to find out how successful FQ projects have been within the transmission department. Every FQ cost’s an average of 10,000 SEK every day, meaning that it is vital for the issues to be solved both quickly and accurately.

Once this analysis has been completed, the thesis student will then investigate how we could adapt both the field quality process and the transmission department to improve on success of FQ’s.


Step 1: Understanding Scania red arrow process

Step 2: Statistical analysis into the claim rates for transmission components before and after FQ’s over a 10 year period.

Step 3: Investigation into successful and unsuccessful failure rates following FQ’s.

Step 4: Highlight areas in FQ process that could be improved to ensure more FQ projects have successful drop in failure rates following solution implementation.


This project would be suited to an Engineering student from any discipline. Must be comfortable with speaking and writing in English.

Would be preferable if you had done a course in statistical analysis

Start date: Flexible.

Estimated time needed: 20 weeks

Contact persons and supervisors:

Amelia Jenkins, Assignment Manager NTQ, +46855386303


Your application should contain a covering letter, CV and transcripts.

Selections will be made throughout the application period.

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