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The Greek government in test of Defkalion's technology

UPDATED. Representatives of the Greek government on February 24 assisted at a test of Defkalion's energy technology – a potentially fierce competitor of Andrea Rossi's 'E-cat.' Meanwhile, Rossi continues to develop his technology. 5 kommentarer

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Defkalion offers testing of cold fusion reactors

UPDATED. The Greek company Defkalion has invited scientific and business organizations to test the core technology in its forthcoming energy products. The products are based on LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. 3 kommentarer

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TV: NASA confirms research in LENR

UPDATED: In a recent video, NASA confirms its research in LENR – akin to cold fusion – and states that it works. At the same time Andrea Rossi and the Greek company Defkalion intensify their activities. 4 kommentarer

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Defkalion shows specs
but no technology

UPDATED: Yesterday the Greek company Defkalion showed prototype drawings and specifications of the heating unit Hyperion, potentially competing with Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’. However, no verification of the technology was presented. 2 kommentarer

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Defkalion: “We have Rossi’s formula”

UPDATED: Tomorrow on Wednesday the Greek company Defkalion will present products similar to Andrea Rossi’s 'E-cat', claiming that the technology is developed in-house. But Defkalion earlier told Ny Teknik that it has 'the formula of Rossi'. 13 kommentarer

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Swedish physicists
run the site Ecat.com

UPDATED. Four Swedish entrepreneurs, two of them particle physicists, run the site Ecat.com which since a couple of days takes pre-orders for Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. Ny Teknik got an interview. 9 kommentarer

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TV: Half a megawatt E-cat in Bologna

UPDATED. Half a megawatt thermal power in self sustained mode, for over five hours. That’s what Andrea Rossi obtained with his E-cat plant on Friday, according to his customer. The question now is who the customer was. 46 kommentarer

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Here are the analyses
of the latest E-cat test

(Updated). Three extensive analyses have been made of data from the test of Andrea Rossi’s E-cat on October 6. Two point to a clearly anomalous heat production, while the third leaves the question open. 11 kommentarer

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TV: New test of the E-cat enhances proof of heat

At a new test in Bologna on Thursday, the ‘E-cat’ invented by Andrea Rossi ran in a completely stable self sustained mode for over three hours. Ny Teknik attended the test. 78 kommentarer

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Here’s Rossi’s one
megawatt plant

Here it is: the plant that according to inventor Andrea Rossi will produce one megawatt of thermal energy via an unknown reaction in his ‘energy catalyzer’. The plant is now being shipped to the United States. 1 kommentar

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See the E-cat run in
self-sustained mode

Just over half an hour without external energy input. Ny Teknik assisted recently in a test where the ‘E-cat’ invented by Andrea Rossi was run in self-sustained mode. 33 kommentarer

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E-cat: Rossi breaks
with Greek Defkalion

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the ‘E-cat’, has terminated his agreement with the Greek pilot customer Defkalion. The planned launch of a one megawatt heat plant in October is now supposed to take place in the United States. 13 kommentarer

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'E-cat': Here is the
Greek energy box

A box measuring 22x18x14 inches to help Greece and the world. That’s the new energy box Hyperion – based on the energy catalyzer invented by Andrea Rossi – that was presented on Thursday by the Greek company Defkalion. 1 kommentar

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E-cat business: Greek
investors remain secret

Ny Teknik has investigated the Greek company that supposedly will be the first in Europe to produce the ‘energy catalyzer’, invented by Andrea Rossi. The plan is to start production in 2012, but the investors are still secret.

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Energy catalyzer
gets U.S. partner

Andrea Rossi, the energy catalyzer inventor, has reached an agreement with a new company in the United States. The agreement builds on several years of contacts with people linked to the U.S. Department of Energy. 15 kommentarer

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Patent granted for
the energy catalyzer

The Italian energy catalyzer that seems to be based on an unknown nuclear reaction is now patented in Italy. The examination continues regarding protection in the rest of the world. 14 kommentarer

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Ny Teknik tested the energy catalyzer

Ny Teknik recently participated in two new tests of the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’, providing more accurate measurements to reduce possible error sources. 41 kommentarer

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Swedish physicists on the E-cat:
“It’s a nuclear reaction”

In a detailed report, two Swedish physicists exclude chemical reactions as the energy source in the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’. The two physicists recently supervised a new test of the device in Bologna, Italy. 24 kommentarer

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And here are 36+3 more questions – with Rossi's answers

The time was not enough when the Italian engineer Andrea Rossi met Ny Teknik's readers in a live chat about his 'energy catalyzer' last week. Therefore, we sent him another 36 of the readers' questions – and here are the answers. 1 kommentar

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E-cat inventor in live chat with the readers

Questions poured in when the Italian engineer, Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the so-called 'energy catalyzer' which may be based on cold fusion, met with Ny Teknik's readers in a live chat. Read all questions and answers here. 6 kommentarer