'E-cat': Here is the
Greek energy box

A box measuring 22x18x14 inches to help Greece and the world. That’s the new energy box Hyperion – based on the energy catalyzer invented by Andrea Rossi – that was presented on Thursday by the Greek company Defkalion.

'E-cat': Here is the
 Greek energy box

Rough sketch of Defkalion's box Hyperion, based on the energy catalyzer. Inside the thermally insulated and lead shielded box A the reactor(s) is placed. B is a hydrogen tank. C down to the right is a pump for heat transport through a closed circuit. C up to the left is an electronic control unit (click on the image).


(Swedish version here).

At a press conference in Athens, Greece on Thursday the Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies announced its future products based on Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer – the device that possibly produces heat via a hitherto unknown nuclear reaction.

Defkalion’s product is called Hyperion and will basically be available in two main models – one is a box measuring 22x18x14 inches with a heat output between 5 and 30 kilowatts, the other one larger heating plants with a power between 1.15 and 3.45 megawatts.

They can be combined with various types of turbines or micro turbines to CHP units -- Combined Heat and Power. Defkalion claims that the technology can reduce the current electricity price by 90 percent.

As in earlier tests of the energy catalyzer the reaction is ‘ignited’ and kept in operation by an electrical resitance. According to Defkalion the output energy from Hyperion is 6 to 30 times larger than the input energy.

The larger plants are built into 20 feet containers. All models are under continuous monitoring by Defkalion via cellular connectivity.

On the company’s new website there’s a rough sketch of the smaller units in a press kit.

One or several energy catalyzer reactors are placed inside a thermally insulated and lead shielded box. Heat is transported through a thermally closed circuit, such as glycol, out of the shielded box.

Outside the box there is a hydrogen tank – Rossi’s energy catalyzer consists essentially of a reactor filled with nickel powder and secret catalysts pressurized with hydrogen.

There is also an electronic control unit and a pump for the closed heating circuit, and reasonably also a heat exchanger to transport the heat to a secondary open circuit.

An outer casing encloses all the components.

Defkalion states that relevant authorities are in the process of issuing necessary EU certificates with regard to product safety.

As Defkalion previously announced the production start is planned for early 2012, while a pilot heating plant of 1 MW made up of smaller units connected in serial and parallel, will be inaugurated as planned during the fourth quarter of 2011.

Defkalion confirmed that the first factory is being built in the city of Xanthi, Greece, with an area of 65,000 square feet and a maximum production capacity of 300,000 units a year, while a second factory with twice that area is planned for in the same city.

The two factories will primarily deal with the assembly of components for the Hyperion products, while a third plant, owned directly by the Cypriot company Praxen controlling Defkalion, will manufacture the reactors with their secret parts.

Defkalion will in turn sell the rights to produce Hyperion products to companies in other countries, and then receive a fixed royalty per product sold. However, the reactors will still be manufactured in Greece.

Defkalion said it expects the products to broaden the available opportunities for cheaper, cleaner and greener energy sources, without taking a monopoly in any market.

The company also hopes that it will contribute to Greece becoming energy self-sufficient and to a recovery of the country’s hard-ravaged economy.

At the same time Defkalion pointed out that 83% of Europe’s nickel deposits are situated in Greece.

At the press conference it was also revealed that the hitherto unknown investors in Defkalion are based in Canada and have a Greek origin. The investment necessary to cover Greece and the Balkans has previously stated by Alexandros Xanthoulis, representing the investors, to be about 200 million Euros.

After the press conference, the inventor Andrea Rossi also confirmed that an agreement regarding commissioned research into the energy catalyzer, worth EUR 500,000, was finally signed with the University of Bologna on Wednesday after several weeks of negotiations.

The agreement which formally is made with the company EFA srl with Rossi’s wife Maddalena Pascucci as principal owner, will last for two years.

- - - -

READ MORE: Our complete coverage on Rossi's E-cat can be found here.

Fakta Companies and individuals involved in the E-cat

* Andrea Rossi, inventor of the energy catalyzer. Doctor's degree in Philosophy from the Università degli Studi di Milano (1975).
Founder and owner of 50% of Leonardo Corporation (see below).
Founder of the parallel operations EON srl in Italy, now sold (see below).
Applicant for a U.S. patent for the energy catalyzer.

* Maddalena Pascucci, wife of Andrea Rossi.
Business consultant with a degree in economics, majoring in law.
Owner of 70% of the EFA srl (see below).
Owner of 50% of Leonardo Corporation (see below).
Holder of the Italian patent for the energy catalyzer.
Applicant for an international patent (except U.S.) for the energy catalyzer.

- - - -

* Defkalion Green Technologies, Greece.
Holds exclusive rights to produce the energy catalyzer in Greece and Cyprus, and for distribution in these countries, plus the Balkan countries including Romania and Bulgaria. Defkalion is controlled by the company Praxen, registered in Cyprus (see below).
Registered April, 2011.


George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman
George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman
Aurel David, born in 1969 – CEO
Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1954 – Board member, representative of Praxen
Christos Stremmenos, born 1932 – Board Member
Ioannis Hadjichristos, born 1958 – Board Member
Andreas Meidanis, born 1953 – Board Member
Mouafak Saouachni, born 1961 – Board Member
Andreas Drougas, born 1945 – Board Member

* Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., Cyprus

The principal owner of Defkalion in Greece (see above).
Officially based in Limassol, Cyprus.
Defkalion’s exclusive contract (see above) is formally signed by Praxen and the Italian company EFA srl (see below).
Registered December, 2010.

* Ampenergo, USA.

Receives under a contract with Rossi’s company Leonardo Corporation (see below) part of the royalties on all sales of licenses and products based on the energy catalyzer in North and South America.

Founded in April 2009 by Charles Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile, and Craig Cassarino (read our interview with Cassarino here).

Note. Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino founded around 1997 Leonardo Technologies Inc, LTI, along with Andrea Rossi, who later sold his stake.

* EFA srl, Italy

EFA has exclusive rights to manage licenses for the energy catalyzer in Europe.
EFA is negotiating with the University of Bologna regarding commissioned research into the energy catalyzer under a contract worth EUR 500,000.

Principal owner (70%): Maddalena Pascucci (see above).
Minority Owner: Among others the business consultant Giuliano Guandalini who confirmed that he helped Andrea Rossi to sell the company EON srl ~2008 (see below).

* Leonardo Corporation, USA

Basis for development and prototyping of the energy catalyzer. According to Rossi, the company has a factory in Miami, USA.
Previous activities: Among other things, the development of thermocouples, and the diesel generators (gensets) powered with biofuel (parallel activity to EON srl, see below).

Founded by Andrea Rossi in April 1997 in New Hampshire, USA.

Owners: Andrea Rossi (50%), Maddalena Pascucci (50%).

 (Not to be confused with Leonardo Technologies Inc, LTI, with Rossi as co-founder and former owner of 33%. The other founders of LTI are also founders of Ampenergo, see above).

* EON srl, Italy

Develops and sells diesel generators (gensets) powered with biofuel. Founded by Andrea Rossi in 2002 and sold ~2008 for about one million Euros. Business consultant Giuliano Guandalini, now a partner in the company, and minority owner of EFA srl, has confirmed to Ny Teknik that he assisted Rossi in selling EON.

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